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Looking for a riding group? Maybe I can help. Fort Mill Cycling Groups for Road Cycling and Mountain Biking

I get asked a lot if there are any online groups about cycling that they can join to meet new like-minded people. I figured that I should make a list so it would be easy for everyone to find a riding buddy.

I know there are a lot of new bikes that are being given as Christmas presents this year, and I know that because many of you have had me assemble or adjust them to make sure they’re ready for a lucky rider. For that I am thankful, and want to make sure that you keep riding that bike. A good way to continue to want to ride bikes is to find a few riding buddies. Sometimes it can be daunting to find a group of people that you like, and cycling groups are no different. There are many types of cycling, levels of fitness, ability to meet, etc, so I wanted to just make a resource for new and old riders alike. While this is in no way a complete list of all riding groups in the Fort Mill, Rock Hill, and Charlotte area, it is a good start and should help you to begin to find that riding buddy you’ve been looking for.
* Click titles of the groups to find the link

Facebook Groups:

  • Charlotte Mountain Bikers: An all-inclusive mountain bike Facebook page that has many riders. There are planned monthly rides, and many smaller groups within.
  • Ales and Trails: A bikeing group that despite the name is focused on all social bike disciplines. They often start / end at a brewery and mix in the love of bikes and beer.
  • Charlotte Area Cycling GP: This group rides gravel mountain and road any day of the week at various locations around the city and the surrounding area.
  • Fort Mill Cyclists: This is a group that is for cyclists in the Fort Mill area of all ages, abilities, and experiences.
  • Charlotte Area Cycling Society: One-stop shop for get-togethers and cycling in the Charlotte region.
  • Rock Hill, SC MTB: This group is for those that enjoy the mountain bike experience that is Rock Hill.
  • Lake Ridge Rides: A neighborhood group that welcomes outsiders. The majority of rides are on trails in Baxter Village area.


  • Rock Hill Bicycle Club: Their website says that they represent all riders, but their group rides are mostly road-specific.
  • MeetUp: This is a site that specializes in putting people together. Many biking groups are listed on this site.
  • Weekly Rides: a comprehensive list of regularly scheduled weekly training rides, charity rides, and gravel rides

Whether it’s your first time looking for a group or you’re just looking for a new set of buds to ride a new night of the week, I hope finding a few others that enjoy riding helps you enjoy it if even just a little bit more.

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