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About Me

Let’s talk about me for a minute. I have been riding bikes for most of my life. I can remember getting my first “real bike”. It was a black and silver BMX bike that my dad brought home for Christmas. I don’t recall what type it was, but that year it was the best bike in the world as far as I’m concerned. Fast forward to present day and I’ve been racing mountain bikes and training on road bikes on and off for the better part of 20 years. Paying to get them fixed got expensive quickly and I began to acquire the tools to do my own work. I now am the neighborhood bike guy and do most of the work on my friends’ bikes as well. I have worked on everything from low-cost bikes, and older bikes to new $15,000+ race bikes.

Working in my garage gives me great pleasure and when I’m not fixing bikes, or riding bicycles around Fort Mill, Rock Hill, and Indian Land, you can find me brewing craft beer. So come on over, chat about bikes and I’m likely to put a cold one in your hand for tasting.

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