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It’s going to get harder before it gets easier.

If there’s one good thing that’s come out of this whole coronavirus mess, it’s that people sure have started getting out there on 2 wheels. I know I’ve hit on this before, but this keeps becoming apparent, even now, a year and three months after we started this whole thing.

Now for the downside of this particular post. Shimano (one of the major manufacturers of bicycle components) has announced (June 10th) that they are going to be shutting down one of their biggest factories for at least 18 days due to an uprising in Covid cases in Malaysia. They had been running at a reduced 66% since June 1st but will have to close completely during the shutdown. This news coupled with the already struggling supply chain for the world’s largest manufacturer is going to add to the frustratingly long waits and high prices of bicycle components.

If you’re thinking “no big deal, I was going to buy a new bike this year anyway”, you’re not alone. After last year’s shortage of everything bicycle, many people decided the summer of 2021 was going to be the time they purchased that new shiny bike. Well, I’m here to tell you, if you see something on the store shelves you like, jump on it! As the bike industry was just starting to see a recovery in terms of available bikes and components, news like this is sure to put a screeching halt on many bike companies dreaming of selling more bikes than ever before.

If you have a good bike mechanic it will start to show true in the coming months, and my guess into at least early next year. The days of the “replace not repair” have been slowing for a while, but in my opinion, if that’s your local bike shop’s way of fixing issues, they may be unable to get you back on the road/trail/greenways as quickly as you’d hoped.

Don’t fret, however. Keep riding those bikes “like you stole them” (unless you did steal it, then please return it, and say “I’m Sorry”). There are plenty of shops out there, including myself that will be able to keep you rolling through all of this and beyond.

Keep it rubber side down, until next time.


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